Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just Me, Myself and I

Another of Strawberry Singh's Monday Memes, done later than I wanted. (My tweak of the title comes, of course, from the inimitable Kelly Clarkson's song "Stronger")

Playing with Photoshop filters

I am... stressed out.
I want... chocolate.
I have... a purring cat.
I wish... I were independently wealthy.
I hate... that it's so hard to make a living doing what I enjoy.
I fear... living the rest of my life without love.
I search... the Internet for very strange things. Mostly for writing research, I swear!
I wonder... who wrote the Book of Love?
I regret... too many things to list. Inlcuding my full SL username, TBH.
I never... did acquire a taste for beer. :P
I always... get distracted by - oooh, shiny!
I usually... manage to drag myself back on track after a while.
I dance... when nobody is watching (or with an animation, in-world).
I sing... pretty well, actually - and always with the radio/CDs in my car
I often... obsess over things I did and said wrong YEARS ago.
I sometimes... really need a hug.
I cry... at every #%$^ing episode of "The Ghost Whisperer"  ;_;
I need... a new RL job. :(
I should... be working on my resume or writing right now.
I love... spending time exploring SL and practicing virtual photography.

Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. Erin Tan CL
Cosmetics: .::WoW Skins::. Aurora Red Lipstick, Lip Shine; Flirt - Rawr eyeliner
Hair: Exile: Dancing on My Own Dark Red
Eyes: Keshie: Mayfly "Deep Sky Eyes" Deep Sapphire w3
Outfit & Jewelry: **Brii Underground Wear** Ginger Complete Outfit Black

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