Monday, September 2, 2013

Second Thoughts

Since my initial rant post about mesh clothes a year ago, there's been a great deal more variety added. I still have my reservations about it, but when the dress for this post went on sale I had to give it a try; the coverage of it resolves a lot of the issues that I had with those first couple of experiments in mesh.

Seems like the time I spent out of SL was very good to mesh, and if the majority of current offerings are like this one I'll be adding more mesh to the wardrobe. :)

Shape: Custom
Skin: DELISH "Harmony" 02
Makeup: Glamorize "Revolver Black/Moderate Red" (lips only)
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair, "Layla" Crimson
Eyes: Mayfly, "Liquid Light Mesh Eye" Sapphire Night (w3)
Dress: Kastle Rock Couture by Spooky Mistwallow, "Lexus Dress" Galaxy 
Bracelet: Kastle Rock Couture by Spooky Mistwallow, "Starlight Gown" Silver Mesh Bracelet

Photo taken at Galaxy B Skylab Orbiting Space Station

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not a Ghost in the Machine

I'm still alive - or is that Second Alive? - despite a loooonnnnng RL-induced hiatus. Trying to get back into the swing of things, reconnect with some friends, tidy up my virtual "closet" and update my look a little.  (I managed three of those yesterday, stopping in at a dance where a DJ friend was spinning tunes, doing a first-round cull on my inventory, and then doing some hair and skin shopping.)

Also took a new picture to use for my Twitter account, but it wouldn't let me upload the image so anyone who follows me there still sees zombie-me from last Halloween (ew) instead of this:

Shape: (my custom)
Skin: .:: DELISH ::. "Harmony" 02 (cleavage option)
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair, "Layla" Crimson
Eyes: Mayfly, "Liquid Light Mesh Eye" Sapphire Night (w3)
Wearing: <<Cstyle>> Sanna Tank Top, Ivory; [SINTIMACY] Club Suit Bangles

Photo taken at ~ Once Upon a Fairy Tale ~