Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Boho Babes

Back to Brii Underground Wear again for this post - they've had a Woodstock/Hippy/Bohemian theme running for the month of April so I grabbed a couple of friends to help model some of the group gifts and outfits from the lucky chairs (which are for group members, but the group is still free to join).

Camped out at the music festival

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Carry On... Wayward Hunt! This post puts together some of the other favorite personal items from this hunt (which is still running through May 1st, so if you see something you want, go get it now!). I say "personal items" because there are also some nice furniture and decor stops but I'm not taking the time to set up any scenes right now.

The hunt has clothing, shoes (all for Slink add-on feet so far as I could tell), several skins, some nice hairs, makeup & nail polishes, jewelry, poses... a great variety. Mostly for female avis, though there is at least one jacket for the guys too.

Monday, April 27, 2015

And She Was...

Who finally snapped and got Slink hands? *points two beautifully sculpted thumbs back at her avatar* I know they don't quite fit in with my theme of fashion on a budget, but I did just get three polish sets for them from The Wayward Hunt - so that part does, at least?

Anyhow I'm just coming back from 2 weeks of being sick in RL, and decided to splurge on some more photogenic extremities.*  And having acquired them meant - picture time!

Who, me? Attitude?

Hands front & center!