Friday, September 28, 2012


(Written for the Virtual Writers Inc. Writers' Dash cue "hush")

She crouched concealed in the leaves at the edge of the meadow, and watched the large creatures within with the same wariness she would any wild predator. Over the years it had gotten harder and harder to find refuge as they multiplied and spread over all the lands.

They're ready, her friends claimed. They've finally advanced to a point that we can interact with them reasonably.

She had her doubts. They still treated each other with such savagery, how could they be trusted to treat something smaller and physically more fragile then themselves with respect?
And yet... she wanted to believe that her friends were right and these overgrown, childlike beings had finally matured as a species. Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and stepped out of her hiding spot into the open.

A hush fell over the meadow as stunned humans ignored their picnic lunch to stare while a fairy revealed herself for the first time in centuries.

(The prompt combined with seeing a SL friend's petite mesh avatar last night resulted in this. shrugs)

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