Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Depth Perception" (Single Frame Stories - Week 7)

For a while now I've been watching the images taken for "Single Frame Stories" go by in my Twitter stream; sometimes I've even had an image idea spring to mind, but not had the time or resources to actually get the shot. (Or, you know, my dirty little mind automatically takes it three steps beyond the recommended rating, which is why I didn't submit a shot I already had on my hard drive for "On Top"... ;D)

The current week's prompt was "Depth Perception"

 "She thought she'd taken her nap deep enough to avoid those darn scuba-diving paparazzi..."

Hair: Curious Kitties "Nyanotech Hair [Type A]- Fufu V3 [Hair Fair gift]
Mer fins & tail: Taliesen's Tails at Affinity Boutique, "Sirens flexi-tail Spirit Unisex Set" [freebie]
Photo taken at: Isle of Tranquility Mer Area

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