Friday, January 9, 2015

Walking With Dinosaurs

This morning I went poking around the Search "Destination Guide" hoping for photo inspiration, and found the "Prehistorica - the Dawn Kingdoms" sim.

The folks at Prehistorica sell dinosaur avatars (and also give away a basic one at the landing point, as well as a "Time Traveler" suit freebie), and have parts of their sim set up as different prehistoric eras with 'bot versions of their dinos on display. It's definitely photo-worthy, and I'm sure many of you could do it better justice if you chose to visit!

Landscape with background Ankylosaurus

Pteranodon flying over the lake

No dinos, just loved the moody landscape

Underwater with the Plesiosaurus

Triceratops <3

Might want to use your telephoto lens for the T. Rex...
All of these are raw shots (re-sized only), using the sim's own Windlight settings. I may have to go back another time - maybe to another "era" - and see what I can get by playing around with different WLs.  :)

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