Friday, August 17, 2012

Mesh? ...Meh.

When I started to look at clothing and hairstyles after joining Second Life, some of the stores and ads on Marketplace made a big deal of trumpeting "MESH!" like it was the best thing since the discovery of sex. So I did a little hunting around and found one group gift and one promo sale on MP, and picked up a pair of mesh dresses.

Now, one other thing I should note: I have a curvy avatar. When I first rezzed in, that skinny stick of a body I showed up in just didn't "feel" right to me, so I played around with the sliders and numbers until I actually had hips, a butt, a little bit of padding on that 3-D frame.

**NOYA** BOHEME - MESH - Dress & Pumps Outfit Red [Marketplace] This bright red slipdress came in 2 different sizes, Small and Regular. My SL self would probably be a US size 10 (*maybe* a 12) in the real world, so I didn't even try the Small. The Regular fit pretty well: a little gapping around the bosom but not bad, and I love the shoes that came with the dress!

a little bit slinky in red

NCParis Sling Dress [group gift] - When I tried this one on, things just poked out ALL OVER unless I took it to size XL - the largest of the five included in the package - which still was not a really flattering fit! Have to admit, I was very disappointed since it had looked so good in the advertisement. (I would have been a lot more disappointed if I had paid out lindens for it.)

,,,yeah, no.

Somehow I had gotten the impression that mesh clothing would conform to the outlines of an avatar's body for a better fit than prim clothes gave. (I have been told since that something called a "deformer" which performed exactly that function was invented, but Linden Labs wouldn't allow its use in the SL viewer releases.)  Instead, the mesh dresses were a rigid construction that I would have had to change my shape to really fit into properly.

Come on, LL, don't we get enough of that in the real world already? One of the appeals of SL is being able to play dress-up with your pixel self and wear all kinds of things we might not be able to outside the grid.

For now, sadly, this curvy virtual gal will be avoiding mesh clothing unless someone can point me at a source for more 'full-figured' avatars. :(

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