Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hello, Real World! 

Just a little introductory post, this is a blog for Second Life avatar Tarra.

Yup, that's me. (smiles)  An unpublished-to-date writer, exploring this virtual world in search of inspiration for fiction, erotic and otherwise. In my first few weeks I've discovered lands from the skeevy to the sublime, people who ran the same gamut, found a very pleasant flexible-hours SL job, and been greeted with "WANT F**K?" more than once.

(The answer was "no thank you," by the way. I realize that part of the problem was more likely than not language differences, but how hard is it to run your request through Google Translate first? ...and if they did, shame on Google Translate.)

Just since opening this account*, I've started on two short stories inspired by life on the grid. Now if I can just find the right balance between searching out inspiration and actually getting the writing portion of the program done, I think this could work out well!

I've seen other SL blogs do this, so in case anyone is interested:

Shape - (my own customization)
Skin - [ROCKBERRY] Apple 2 Natural [Lucky Board]
Makeup - .:Glamorize:. Revolver Moderate Red lipstick
BSN Deep Eyes - Bright Blue
""D!va"" Hair - "Maya" Garnet [Group Gift]
Outfit - Collection Morea Style "Typhen - Exotic Flowers Peach"

(* Full disclosure: I did have a previous SL account some time ago, but closed it due to an overdose of interpersonal drama.)

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